With over 16 year experience, Fluid Drivehas developed a strong reputation for providing Car Wash and Detail services to a wide variety of customers with limited time. Click here to read more [gallery ids="584,588,587"] (310) 753-1671   fluiddrive3@gmail.com


Keep your car in top performance and appearance mode.

Start with the Deluxe Wash on a bi-weekly basis to maintain that clean foundation.

Step it up with the Master Detail on a monthly basis to really get a deep clean and ongoing polished wet look.

Take pride in your ride!

(310) 753-1671   fluiddrive3@gmail.com


Frequently Asked Questions

Find out more about why you should go beyond average, with a regular wash which can actually harm your car, and step up to a elite services, like those offered by Fluid Drive Click here for more info.
(310) 753-1671   fluiddrive3@gmail.com.