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See What Others are Saying.

David "As a self employed professional in my industry, while i've used other mobile detailers, often dealing with them never showing up on time, and in some cases not showing up at all, which really bothered me. When i found Fluid Drive, he not only showed up on time he did a phenomenal job on my car, and ever since then, they have been my go to company for professional and Punctual mobile detailing."

Eric "I am a very busy business owner and Fluid Drive makes maintaining my car very easy, considering that he actual comes to my office. I have gone to other car washes in the past, and Fluid Drive by far does the best job. I Will always use Fluid Drive."

Carol Client for 8 yrs "I love Dan's work, he is very meticulous and punctual. He takes great pride in the detail of his work. He also keeps me updated on the upcoming weather forecast in order to better prepare myself and my car"

Steven Fluid Drive and Dan Dan the detail man, are the best in the WORLD! I pay close attention to detail, and fLUID DRIVE always goes above and beyond my expectations. In addition to his attention to detail, as a Dog Owner, my interior is constantly covered in hair, however Fluid Drive manages to rid my interior of the problem, leaving an immaculate detailed finish"

Mark "I've used other detailers in the past, and i always had a problem with the way my car looked once they were finished. After using Fluid Drive, they did such an amazing job, they brought the color and shine back to my car and i will Never use another detailer"

Ron "I saw Fluid Drive detailing my neighbors Porsche, and i was very impressed with their work. I was a bit hesitant and somewhat of a skeptic when it comes to mobile detailing, but after using Fluid Drive they exceeded my epxectations and i was impressed! They're always on time and i can never imagine going back to another company."

Dave "Our car is our daughters office and playground. However, after Dan's immaculate attention to detail, the car becomes ours once again. He is also very informative and maintains constant contact with his clients. We love his work and wouldn't go anywhere else"

Howard V.P Sports Chalet Client for 12 years "I never have to wax my car thanks to Fluid Drives revolutionary streak free product.Dan is also very meticulous in his approach to car care. From the streak free windows, to every single crevice within the car"



To offer incredibly detailed care and convenience, in an eco-friendly manner, for busy people who enjoy their vehicle(s).

Pride in What You Drive

We are so detailed in our work that not only will you enjoy the look and feel of your car, you may actually even notice an improvement in the way the car handles. Ask about how "nitty and gritty" we are willing to get for you!

NO Drips or Streaks About It

Notice - no drips or window streaks, which are common after a typical car wash. Discover - our product makes your windshield wipers are almost useless as it acts as a sealant, keeping windows streak free. It's all about the details at Fluid Drive! Call today to be drip and streak free!

Convenient – Eco Friendly – Self Contained

There aren't enough hours in the day! And you want to enjoy your "downtime" in style. That's where Fluid Drive comes in. We come to you when it's convenient with all the supplies necessary - including water! Best of all, we use Eco Friendly products for the majority of our work - from The Solution for washing to Clay for smoothing and a re-usable microfiber cloth or rubber for drying. The feel good detailed wash you can be proud of!

Meticulous Inside Job

Unlike a regular car wash, we do more than just vacuum your vehicles insides. We actually get into the crevices of mats making them so clean they look unused. Scruff marks are noticed and worked on. And that's just the start! Just ask us what we can do for your vehicle!